The JUMPSTART Energy Boost Effect.

JUMPSTART EX advanced nootropic energy supplement combines natural ingredients to optimize and boost energy levels, focus, and mood in a smarter, safer way that doesn't overly stress your system. It gets you functioning at peak physical and mental capacity to help you be at your best no matter what you're doing. Forget coffee, energy drinks, or shots. Try a better way to a better day.

The best energy supplement comes from a precise balance of key ingredients.

JUMPSTART EX is such an effective energy supplement thanks to its careful and precise balance between ingredients to create synergy. You will certainly find other stimulants that will give a more immediate and extreme blast, but none will boost energy as carefully and intelligently without causing jittery nervousness or overwhelming your system. 

Here's the JUMPSTART EX energy supplement mechanism:

The formula works in three distinct but complementary areas.

The JUMPSTART Energy Enhancing Effect

Energy & Focus Effects The first are the energy and focus components, which are linked in many ways. A very specific amount of anhydrous caffeine is combined with with guarana. These two forms of caffeine have tannins and polyphenols attached to the molecule which results in less stomach irritation and slows down the caffeine so it absorbs more evenly over a longer time. Caffeine on its own keeps you alert by blocking adenosine, a chemical messenger that makes you feel sleepy, boosts "feel-good" neurotransmitters, and sharpens concentration and alertness ( However there are many studies that show caffeine is also highly synergistic with other compounds to create a very useful and broad stimulant (see below for the example of caffeine and l-theanine.) In concert with the niacin, ginseng and acetyl-l-carnitine (a-l-c), you experience maximized energy function for hours along with the improved mood, focus and attention. 

Mood Effects The second component are the mood effectors, which help promote the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that improve disposition, motivation, and feelings of pleasure. l-theanine, l-tyrosine, a-l-c, and rhodiola have clinically evidenced beneficial effects on mood (and also focus.) Research and testing shows that this unique blend of nutrition may help with feelings of enthusiasm, focus, and positive mental well-being. Furthermore, the combination of caffeine with l-theanine, and l-tyrosine, is scientifically proven to reduce the jittery effect of the stimulant while supporting mood and cognitive performance. See our ingredients page for full details and references.

Stress Protection Support The final support component is designed to provide critical nutrients to the body as it is being energized to offset the ramping up of metabolism. JUMPSTART EX incorporates key B vitamins, magnesium, antioxidants and adaptogens like vitamin C, rhodiola, ginseng and schizandra, which all promote homeostasis and reduce sensitivity to stress. Another key element is bioperine, an extract of black pepper which is well known to have a range of health benefits beyond antioxidants, including reducing physical stress and slowing muscle damage after extreme exercise sessions. These key support ingredients allows our remarkable energy pill to have a broad-ranging benefit to your vitality and positive mental state while minimizing any stress to your system.

The JUMPSTART EX vitality supplement is a true smart nootropic formula, thoroughly well-researched and crafted to be uniquely effective at bringing you to your peak-performing best. And to be better for you while doing it. It is simply the best method to increase energy levels, providing a precision boost in vitality and disposition without excessive stress to the system, crashes, after or side-effects, calories or sugar, soys or fillers, and artificial colors or preservatives.

Be at your best with JUMPSTART EX.