How Exercise Actually Increases Your Energy Levels

How Exercise Actually Increases Your Energy Levels

It's hardly a secret that regular exercise leads to a host of health benefits, but recent research shows that exercise can also increase energy levels. That may sound counter-intuitive, but it turns out that if you exercise doing something you enjoy (so the motivation remains high,) and maintain the right level or intensity of energy usage / expenditure, exercise can actually lower fatigue over time.

We are used to hearing from organizations like the Department of Health and Human Services telling us that adults need to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week to gain significant benefits. But studies are now showing that even low levels of exercise are extremely beneficial, much moreso than we previously recognized.  Science agrees that as short as 10 - 15 minute periods of even low intensity exercise can improve heart and immune health, circulation, oxygenation levels, sleep quality, as well as lower cholesterol, stress, and stored fat, all leading to a slew of benefits. Exercise jumpstarts our metabolism and promotes the growth of mitochondria, the engines of energy in the body. Now we find that it also reduces the amount of fatigue we experience in general.

Exercise increases metabolism and improves energy utilization.

Scientists at the University of Georgia studied sedentary but healthy adults who suffered from fatigue in six-week programs of no exercise, low intensity, and moderate intensity exercise. They found significant results that really surprised people. It turns out that the moderate intensity group and the low intensity group both showed around a 20% increase in overall energy levels by the completion of the study.  But more surprisingly, the low intensity group reported a 65% reduction in fatigue compared to a 50% reduction reported by the moderate intensity group.

We are not yet sure of the exact mechanisms behind these benefits, but it is likely due to a combination of improved fitness and heart health, the creation of new mitochondria in muscles (better energy production,) increased levels of key hormones, endorphins and oxygen in the blood.

Of course there is also the psychological benefit of exercise which includes enhanced confidence, body image, and self-worth. One's perspective clearly plays a strong role in influencing physical and mental energy levels. There is nothing like a positive state of mind to get your motor running, and exercise is the perfect mood and focus booster. And now we realize, energy booster!

So the news is good!

Exercising, even slowly at first, will definitely help increase your daily energy levels.

What are the best exercises to boost your energy?

Great news here too!

It's really quite simple. What matters more than the specific activity is that you enjoy the exercise so you stick with it. Find your own optimal level in a regimen you are happy with so you maintain consistency. It may be a daily brisk walk through the park, bike-riding, flag football, swimming, hiking. Pick whatever you like doing so it's not a chore. Obviously the ideal would be a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, but we are now focusing on that aspect for now. This information makes it much easier for those who struggle with exercise or just motivation, because they will see great rewards right away. Just start off with 15 minutes of heart-rate elevating exercise and then slowly increase it over time. Do it 5 days a week if possible, and then if its mostly aerobic, occasionally mix in some weight training to strengthen muscles and bones (anaerobic.)

That's the beauty of this discovery. All you really need to worry about is that it's fun. If exercise is a bother, it won't last. But if you pick something enjoyable and keep at it to make it a regular part of your life, even low level activity will result in a significant boost to your energy levels and vitality over time. For those who feel like vigorous exercise is beyond them, this means that any activity can be good activity. Make sure it gets your heart rate up, that it's consistent and enjoyable. That's it. It's wonderfully uncomplicated and you don't need a personal trainer. That means less stress and more success.

After a very short while, you will be pleased at how much your exercise habits naturally elevate your daily energy levels. And with it your overall health, sense of satisfaction, and joy for life.

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      Jan 18, 2022

      Simple advice, but very true and often overlooked. Thx

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      Clarry B
      Jan 25, 2022

      I needed this bit of help to take the stress out of exercise. Good post, thanks.

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